Designated warehouse facilities in dry or cold storage for agri, minerals, materials and more.

Sconnect Business Solutions

Agri-products & Commodities

The Commodities is driven by tightly-run logistic operations and well-oiled supply chain management. Inventory management, Temperature Controlled / Moisture Controlled storage, Real Time monitoring etc are all key KPIs which drive businesses forward. For certain critical commodities - Monitoring inventory ageing, proper retrieval solutions and time-critical delivery also comes into play. Sconnect understands and offers industry tailored solutions fulfill the product life cycle and fulfill client expectations.

Key Features

  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Product Tailored Dry / Cold storage
  • Grade "A" Spaces
  • Robust Tech Backbone
    • Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
    • Inventory Synching between Records and On-Ground Quantities
    • Inventry Ageing Monitoring
    • FIFO / FEFO / FMFO Retrieval
    • Purchase Order / Work Order Management
    • Reverse Logistics / On-Site Logistics
  • Manpower Deployment
  • Value Added Services