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Sconnect : Land Liasoning & Development!

Bringing our Experience in Realestate to Warehousing

Logistics Real Estate is seeing an ocean of change considering that the funds and investment portfolios are looking to build high quality yield assets with top notch tenants. One of the most preferred sectors in this climate is warehousing. The sector on the whole is seeing a lot of investment activity coupled. Which is why sconnect and our parent company svamitva is looking at capitalizing our 30 years of experience in real estate and construction to provide complete end-to-end land and development services.

We also see that more and more businesses are seeking compliant high-grade warehousing spaces at strategic locations. However, several businesses face problems when :

  • There’s lack of clarity on relevant compliances.
  • Prices are arbitrary
  • Risk of non-delivery or delayed delivery

Why Sconnect?

Keeping in mind the challenges that businesses face, sconnect offers comprehensive land liasoning and development services

Strategic Identification of Land Parcels

Crystal clear Documentation

Clear approvals and compliances

Grade “A” Structures

Efficient project management

Delivered on time and as per quality specs