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Sconnect : Reviews And Testimonials


  • Svamitva Group has been an incredible service partner in achieving timely and accurate delivery of our products. Timing is the key element of success in the competitive environment today. We look forward long-term commitment. All the best for future endeavors and a grand success.

  • Consistency is a key attribute of logistic and warehousing company. And we do not have any hesitation to say that Svamitva Group has been amazingly consistent in all the assignments we handed over to them. We rely on their dependable services that take us promptly to our customers. Thanks for your support.

  • We chose Svamitva Logistics and Warehousing as one of our 3PL partners because of the excellent service quality offered by them. The team members are committed, sincere, and ready to resolve the problem any time. They always attend calls and respond to mail. We wish that the partnership will reach unprecedented growth year after year.

  • With the expansive nationwide reach and a skilled team, they have made a presence in the best logistic companies in the country. It has been a tremendous experience. The service is professional, and they respond to the needs of the client with sincerity. Their work ethics and understanding of the business are their qualities that differentiate them uniquely from others.

  • Our relationship began with a small assignment and every year the business graph is going higher. Everyone at Svamitva Logistics is responsive and flexible. They walk the extra mile to process orders efficiently and timely. We have always found them available. We recommend their services.

  • What we like about Svamitva Group is the punctuality of the services. There have been many instances when the items were delivered earlier than the expected date. We will continue to recommend their services. We are highly satisfied with them. We wish them success for their future

  • It took us a lot of time to search logistic partner, but we are happy to say that it is good that we finalized Svamitva Group finally. It helped us in reaching our widespread clients without any delay. Being a healthcare company, timely delivery and safety regulations were our prime concerns. We are glad to say that they fulfilled our expectations.

  • It has been one year since we are partnering with Svamitva. Though we did not have many assignments, we rate them 9 out of 10. They have a wide reach and timely delivery. The team is professional and polite. They are always eager to help the client.

  • Our first assignment took a difficult turn when some unavoidable reasons delayed the delivery. At that time, Team Svamitva Logistics was incredibly supportive and helping. Without their support and out-of-the-way help, it would have not possible to deliver the consignment. It is indeed one of the best logistic partners we have worked with.

  • Cost-effectiveness and reliability are the traits that keep Svamitva different from others. I do not think anybody will think about switching to other logistic partners after using their services once. If you are looking for a dependent logistic company, then Svamitva is the best.

  • We are thankful to Svamitva Group for their superb service including timely delivery and pickup. Our business associates have given good and positive feedback about their delivery experience. We appreciate them for always being responsive and supportive. A long-term association is anticipated.