Solutions for the automotive industry, component manufacturing & engineering.

Sconnect Business Solutions

Automotive & Engineering

In a highly complex industries such as the automotive & engineering sector, logistics, supply chain management & inventory management is a challenge not just for end-product manufacturers but also for all the down-stream & up-stream players such as component manufacturers, OEMs and engineering companies. This complexity means that logistics and SCM have a direct and often high impact on all parts of the sector.

Which is why Sconnect offers industry tailored solutions specifically designed for this sector.

Key Features

  • Real Time Monitoring Across Several Locations
  • Robust Tech Backbone
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Manpower Deployment
  • Grade “A” Spaces
  • Hassle-Free Data Integration
  • Automatic Timed Notifications