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Value Added Services From Sconnect.

Sconnect Logistics and Warehousing has made a distinguishable place in warehouse management and inbound and outbound transport with its outstanding operational capabilities and supreme value-added services to the clients.
When customers access the services, you get rid of the hassles of appointing a dedicated workforce for operational and managerial activities. It brings operational efficiency and punctuality.

What Makes Sconnect Different?

Sconnect Logistics and Warehousing is committed offering whole array of Value-Added Services with utmost accuracy and quality. We work together with you to get your expectations first. We arrive at the best service, which not meets but exceeds your expectations.
Each of the team members is actively involved in the process and works in coordination with you to give the desired effect. We guarantee the complete satisfaction of your end customer when the goods reaches his place.

Sconnect Services

Here is a list of value-added services for you:


We know that you rate kitting as the most critical VAS when you are a consumer product company or OEM. Hence, we have equipped our warehouses with world-class kitting services that fulfill your needs. When we group, pack, store, and transport individually separate items that are related to each other as a unit, it is assured that the work is flawless!


Consumer product companies expect that the warehouse facility handles the activity of removing smaller quantities from a large package. We transport imported or locally manufactured goods to our nearest warehouse facility first. We have the best bulk-breaking process in place where respected quantities are removed from the bulk and transported as per your dispatch order.


When we do the kitting, or bulk breaking, the existing labels on the product is deemed ineffective if the products are to be transported further. Do not worry, we have enabled our warehouses with bar code labeling process. Our state-of-the-art process brings error-free, high output.


At times, you need to bundle different products and make a bundle before dispatching. Yes, it is the opposite process of bulk breaking. At Sconnect Logistics and Warehousing, we understand your requirement, and hence, our bundling process is the best in the niche.


Whether you avail of bundling process or bulk breaking, there is a need for special packaging due to its different sizes. We assure customized packaging at a reasonable cost. Our team is skilled in handling varied packaging choices sought by the client.





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