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Sconnect Business Solutions

FMCG & E-Commerce

Sconnect Logistics and Warehousing brings a rich experience in logistics and warehousing, which is the backbone of an FMCG or Ecommerce business. The last-mile connectivity is particularly important because it makes or breaks the reputation of the company. We ensure that you can be dependent on our backend supply logistics.

We assure proper location mapping and correct identification of products and SKUs. The time scheduling and lot size are appropriate for your business operations. You get state-of-the-art inventory management capable of tracking seasonal spikes.

With a series of technology-enabled warehouses and robust distribution network, we can manage the challenge of providing reliable services and timely delivery of your products and services. We are specialized in digital ecommerce logistics. Hence, your online operations get the most benefit from it.

Live tracking and round-the-clock monitoring system help you in making decisions fast and replenishing the stock as and when needed.

Multimode transport services for the FMCG sector

In the competitive scenario, you have to be customer focused. Today, express delivery and one-day delivery have become basic hygiene. With our multimode services, you can cater to the demands of your customers well. With the extensive network of skilled people and better decision support, Sconnect Logistics and Warehousing is the best logistics partner. Whether you need factory sourcing or production planning and scheduling, transport or cost-control analysis, resource planning or delivery; we offer one-stop solution. We assure that you get an improvement in distribution process across the busines life cycle of yours.

Key Features

  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Robust Tech Backbone
  • Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
  • Purchase Order / Work Order Management
  • Reverse Logistics / On-Site Logistics
  • Manpower Deployment
  • Value Added Services such as packaging, barcoding, kiting etc